registering, promoting Developing and manufacturing promotional materials for medicines Services in pharm industry


Maacpharm has the capacity, ability and experience to offer services of registering, promoting, exporting and importing medicines and developing and manufacturing promotional materials for medicines as well as food supplements.

Our concept covers a number of various activities necessary to launch products on the the target markets legally and briefly.

Our experience and knowledge of the local regulations along with the monitoring and prediction of trends in the market of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements guarantee our partners maximum presence and recognition with professionals and general population likewise.

The focus on the needs of the domestic market represents one of our main driving forces. Our capable and experienced management team maintains constant connection to the market through permanent communication with pharmacies and physicians of all specialties, keeps track with the latest therapeutic protocols in different branches of medicine, analyzes and processes data using all available sources and makes decisions which new products, both medicines and food supplement, will be promoted through everyday marketing activities or placed through the tender sales.