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About us

Our mission is to partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies to provide regulatory expertise, market strategy, and quality representation to improve opportunities for product placement and successful sales.

Our vision is to make to make a difference in the success of fulfilling the needs of the market by providing new, quality products through effective cooperation with the pharmaceutical producers,using regulatory expertise and sales skills to effectively complement internal resources.

Maacpharm's founders have a long family tradition in the pharmaceutical business as well as personally over 15 years of experience in fields of producing, registration affairs and sales of pharmaceutical products, mostly with Serbian based and European pharmaceutical companies Our approach to every project in terms of services that we provide rests on our philosophy – our work must provide the client with a sustainable result, our team must have the right skills, experience, and personality to be successful, and we must be flexible in how we work to meet our client's expectations.

We support international clients through an integrated approach to forecasting, research and analytics of the market, aiming to effective results in terms of representation, registration of the products and sales. We combine years of knowledge and experience in forecasting and modelling techniques.

Our key strength is the ability to integrate our forecasting expertise with primary research and analytics to enhance the models and forecasts that we build.

The Maacpharm team consists of cross-functional experts who have strong pharmaceutical industry experience and successful track records in a variety of research, forecasting, registration and sales roles in the pharmaceutical and consulting sectors.